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Linkedin B2B Sales Machine Training Class  - LIVE ONLINE INSTRUCTION 
Do you really feel like wasting more money on Facebook and Instagram or writing random "influencers" to promote your business? 
Don't miss this chance!

You could be spending less than 100 dollars getting maximum results starting immediately!
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Who is teaching the classes?

Steven Eugene Kuhn

Associate Partner, TAHA Media 
Principal, S2K2 Precision Management

6 Figure Linkedin revenue in 2018

Omar Ibrahim Taha


7 Figure Linkedin revenue in 2017
6 Figure Linkedin revenue in 2018
What you are getting! 
  • Week 1 - Mindset for Success and Your Niche
  • Week 2 - Your Offer and Positioning
  • Week 3 - Prospecting you Client(Linkedin Strategies)
  • Week 4 - Your Messages to Prospects(Developing Relationship)
  • Week 5 - Closing Calls and Meetings
  • Week 6 - Delivery of Services
  • Week 7 - Digital Agency Operations
  • Week 8 - Referrals and Keeping Your Customers Happy Digital Agency Documents
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